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  • Medical

    For the medical care sector, R&F has introduced advanced technological and
    management models and joined with UCLA Health, a leading medical institute,
    to establish high-end hospitals. The first of these UCLA-affiliated hospitals
    was initiated in Panyu District, Guangzhou City.

    Life Cycle Services

    · Prevention and healthcare,Health assessment,Health management,Diagnosis,Treatment,Rehabilitation
    · Fetus,Infant,Child,Teenager,Adult,Middle age,Elderly
    · The backtracking,monitoring and early warning of health records

    Service advantages

    • Advanced medical technology

    • Excellent professionals

    • Quality nursing service

    • Multidisciplinary consultation

    • Advanced medical equipment

    • Warm Eco-medical Environment

    R&F Hospital

    Located in Panyu District, Guangzhou
    The first international hospital under collaboration between R&F and UCLA Health.
    Certified by both JCI of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

    • Geriatrics

    • Musculoskeletal

    • Gastroenterology and GI Tract Surgery

    • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

    • Cancer Care

    International Partners

    • Ranked top 3 among all hospitals in US

      4 hospitals and over 150 outpatient clinics

      David Geffen School of Medicine

      General Clinical Research Center

    • Leading medical consultancy and management company

    • Top medical architecture design company

      Best medical design company

      Rank No.1 for 14 consecutive years

    senior living

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